Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer Full Of Joy, Gore

Wait to see the latest Left 4 Dead 2 cinematic trailer? Wait, my ass, 'cause this pre-rendered introduction to the people, places and infected things of Valve's sequel has "leaked" a bit early.

Don't expect to see too much new here, but at least you'll get a look at portions of the "Hard Rain" and "Dead Center" campaigns, also previously leaked. While poring it over, there's only one potential new addition, as trucker hat enthusiast Ellis has his shotgun knocked away by one of the infected, just before getting tongue lashed by a Smoker — which, by the way, looks to be cosmetically unchanged from his northern buddies.

Of course, things can change and there may be nothing more to this that cinematic flair, but ... I'll stop typing. Just watch the clip. Again and again and again.


    Sometimes worldwide syndication means rubbing it in the noses of the less developed Western Countries.

    Where is the Ratings Board now? Surely they should be demanding a toned down trailer for the sensitive Australians ... because we are obviously not adult enough to handle gore.

    Oh.....oh no. It is too violent for my delicate Australian eyes. Stupid government.
    Sadly we will not get a version that is as awesome as that one =(

    looks really good.
    hahah chocolate train =P

    Ah nooooo is that a LAW I see at the end of trailer? The game will be completely ruined if they add that in.

      Looks more like an M79 (Vietnam-era grenade launcher)

    It actually makes Left 4 Dead 1 look crap. I mean perhaps the survivors might actually be better! I may get this now after watching this even though our dumbed down version won't be as great.

    Pity thought the graphics etc... aren't anything like this though.

    Ahh well, importing. The government won't get any revenue from the taxes that would be paid by Australian Publishers, Retailers, or us through the GST.

    And, with the great exchange rate at the moment, it's probably cheaper to import anyway!

      Importing? Good luck trying to install it.

    **** the resident evil movies. Make this into one!

      noooooo, don't EVER make this into a movie...
      we've seen enough bastardised game-to-movie shit

    So whats the big deal if we do get a toned-down version?

    surely someone will patch it to put the gore back in?

    All that violence triggered an urge to... write Michael Atkinson another polite note.

    No, really.

      +1 Patrick!

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