Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Out Now On Xbox 360

That's right, you heard me correctly. The Left 4 Dead 2 Xbox 360 Demo is now available for those who preordered and obtained early access to the demo.

What are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be playing Left 4 Dead 2? Oh? When's the PC demo? That will be out on Wednesday (Make that Thursday - AU Ed). Wednesday is tomorrow (Hey, and so's Thursday! - AU Ed).

Those who check out the demo, feel free to write your impressions here. Those who don't, well, you can read those impressions.

Kotaku AU Note: North American preorder deal is for North Americans.


    An addendum to the Kotaku AU Note: The New Zealand preorder deal is also for Australians. :-P

    Not sure about other regions, but I just got sent my demo code for the preorder I placed on Sep 22. (How's that for confidence that the Classification Board were always going to ban it!)

    Kotaku Ed, you dill. It comes out 5pm Wednesday for Australians.

    So does AU get the demo today (Thursday) or at all or What?? WHAAAATTT??

    nevermind, it got delayed sometime in the last 3 hours.

    meh... preordered from play-asia.

    So is there any way for a Aussie to play the demo without preordering.

    Im refusing to put a preorder down until I am sure I have a way of getting the uncut version on PC.

      wallet: Yeah you can. Preorders get special early access. We'll get it later and then the game comes out.

      The demo will be avail to public on pc in a few weeks i think, its just if you pre-order you get demo access earlier...

      Sure there is. Wait. As for the uncut version, you'll probably just have to wait till it's released to see if people can break it.

    The aussie pc demo is out 5pm today if you pre-ordered via steam.

    I want to know why delay a game i already have downloaded and apparently ready to play...

    I tried putting the code in, but it doesn't work. Does anyone else have this problem?

      Yep, you'll have to use a US Gamertag to enter the code in. Just create a free Silver account with a US residence.

    Short of making a new steam account and using some sort of IP Proxy every time you want to play it, no.

    Or just wait a day or two and modders will have a mod for it available.

    try getting an American Account...apparently you do that and the pre-order code for Xbox 360 will work

      So does that mean that the EB Games pre-order coupon will not work in Australia? Can anyone clarify this matter?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I've played the botched censored version and I can honestly say it sucks. I truly thought it wouldnt make a difference, but Goddammit, there's no point to L4D if you arent standing panting atop a pile of dead dudes by the end of a fight? I found Crash Course more engaging than this demo I'm afraid.

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