Left 4 Dead, Meet The Mushroom Kingdom

There's a bustling Left 4 Dead mod community over at L4Dmaps.com, whipping up also sorts of custom maps like this Super Mario Bros. 64 map created by modder DoritoClock. Who knew Princess Peach's Castle could be so nightmarish?

Mushroom Massacre [L4Dmaps.com]


    argh this is painful to watch, the guy needs to l2p, and he takes so long actually playing the game than showing off the map.


      totally, stop shooting every single damn zombie thats 100 meters away and start showing us the level!

    Look, I can fully appreciate what this person has created. But it's nothing more than a novelty to me.
    It reminds me of those old doom and wolfenstein mods. Simpsons Doom and I hate Collingwood Wolfenstein come to mind.
    I just wish that they would focus their talants on something else.

    This guy isn't that good at the game is he?

    Why, when you have 3 zombies in your face smashing the crap outta you - you waste your time reloading your shotgun to shoot them whilst they wreck you to threads when you can easily melee them to push them away to give you time to reload!


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