Let's Compare XBLA And PSN Bayonetta Demo Screens

While I personally don't think this is something to get up worked up about, some folks might be interested in checking out a comparison of the Bayonetta demos.

While Platinum Games developed the Xbox 360 version, SEGA did the PS3 port.

The Western release won't be until early next year, so SEGA still has time to close the gap between the two versions.

gamefront.de [via Sega Nerds]


    Aside from it being a bit darker, I can't tell the difference..

    Xbox360 version's colour appear to be a lot more vivid and deeper blacks.

      Just checked the full-screen versions, the PS3 looks better actually. Did anyone notice that in the 2nd comparison the plants are missing?

    PS3 version has better AA, whereas xbox360 has better textures and draw distance

      I agree, although it looks as though the xbox 360 has better AF.

    Hmm the last pic, the PS3 looks better. Actually i think the PS3 looks better in all of them, atho the first is a tough call.
    Eh won't be getting it anyway.

    Not to nit pic guys but especially on the comparison view did you even look at how better the textures are on the 360 version... look at the stone wall on the 360, then look at the PS3 shot... the 360 version is normal mapped, and lit correctly, the PS3 version is completely flat and non-responsive to dynamic lighting.

    Its not just a case of the 360 version of having better lighting and colour depth, but the actual textures are higher resolution (even on the character model)...

    As for the AA, its almost identical. Seriously Jay, Did you look at those last shots correctly? look at the textures, look at the shadows, look at the depth of the scene... because I don't think you are looking at it correctly.

    The 360 version does look noticably better, but the PS3 version is by no means bad. Chances are once you're playing you won't even think about it. I've only got a PS3, so it's pretty much a matter of whether or not I'd enjoy the game. I shall have to try the demo and find out!

    The only difference I can see is that the xbox360 was connected up to a screen with better contrast.

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