Look Who's Gonna Buy Uncharted 2

I've always wondered if Pepsi guys, on vacation with the fams, ever pull into a McDonald's and go, the hell with it, gimme a Coke. Of course, that's a smidge different from deliberately buying and complimenting a competitor's flagship product.

But give the Major his due, the Xbox Live community guru Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb has tweeted that he's going to pick up Uncharted 2. If the context of this story escapes you and you also live under a rock, the game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. And it speaks to the overall excellence of a game when your No. 1 competitor's public face says he's paying retail for it. Tweeteth the Major:

I'll have to pick up UnCharted 2 this week. It's being very well received. Congrats to @Naughty_Dog on a job well done!

Very nice gesture, but let's not make a compliment of Microsoft into something greater than the credit Naughty Dog and Sony are due. Uncharted 2 is legitimately such a great game that it can be said everyone's buying it.

Xbox's Major Nelson To Buy PS3's Uncharted 2 [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    He doesn't come across as a Bill Gates, who seems like the type of person that his whole house is full of Microsoft products or products that Microsoft have associates with and NOTHING can be from their direct competitors.

    Besides, he's a gamer. Makes sense!

    What the hell are you on about? They talk about their competitors and their products all the time on Major's podcast.

      Exactly, that's one of the reasons why I like Major's Podcast. If they like something, they aren't blocked from saying it (though they tend not to say something is crap, it's always positive).

      They talk about the DS all the time and even had an interview with the Scribblenauts guys just cause they really liked it.

    Maybe now some of the fanboys will realise that you don't have to cling onto the idea that your console is the only good one for dear life.

    Probably not though, I will probably have to wade through the insufferable console wars for decades to come every time I go to a game website.

    yeah i saw that tweet of his yesterday. very admirable. he is far from the "normal" microsoft type. he gives praise to competitors regularly. Uncharted 2 is a phenomenal game though. i played it for 14 hours yesterday... with a fair few breaks in between.this is the only game ever that i just havent been able to put down. it keeps dragging you back in with the story. best game i have ever played. best story within a game i have ever seen. BTW. i am nearly 32 and have had all of the major consoles since the atari 2600. so yes ive played many many games over the years.

    Agreed, I loved the first one and was blown away with this new game. The story, the gameplay, and the multiplayer are the best I've seen in any game for a very long time. I can see myself playing this over and over for a good while.

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