Looks Like Left 4 Dead 2 Is Coming To Australia

Australia's long nation nightmare of maybe not being able to play Left 4 Dead 2 may soon be over, as the government's media ratings board has apparently issued the zombie shooter a rating of MA-15+.

That would essentially mean an end to the "ban" on Valve's PC and Xbox 360 sequel and translate into "good news" for our Survivor friends down under. No word yet on whether Valve's appeal was successful and/or if the company had to submit the edited version of the game for the Australian release.

Kotaku AU Note: Valve submitted an edited version of Left 4 Dead 2 which has now received an MA15+ rating. Meanwhile they are also appealing the original decision and still hope to release the unedited version. Gabe Newell told Kotaku AU yesterday that the edited version was simply a "back-up plan" in case the appeal failed.

We'd like to simply think that Gabe Newell just got down there a little early and put some Aussie's in a headlock. Or that Australian man's man Saxton Hale called in a favour.

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    I could kiss somebody.

    I think that Gabe went directly to our king, the king of Australia.

    Given the timing it would appear to be the edited version. The unedited was even up for review till later this month.

    if its edited ... not buying it ...

      My god what year is it? 1932?
      Is this Prohibition?

      I sugest everybody send a nice email to

      [email protected]

      Simply be respectfull and demand an R 18 rating for games.

      Enogh people doing this will bring change.

        For reference, mate, that won't do a damn thing. You need to speak to your state's Attourney General. The Classifications Board has precisely zero influence over the guidelines they must enforce; it's the Standing Council of Attourneys General (SCAG) that needs to allow it.

        Specifically speaking, please write to your Attourney General if you're in South Australia: He's the only one vetoing the rating systems alteration.

        On that note... my professor is also weighing in the debate for an R classification, along with what was the old IEAA about the researches... the Interactive Australia 2007 + 2009...
        I hope that Attorney General isn't has backwards as the last one was... I think it is about time I were to contact my professor again and see if he still has some sway

    Fingers crossed its the full uncut version.
    If its edited I wont be getting it.

    Sweet. Here's hoping we get the original version.

    Personally I'm chalking this up as a loss. Even if the game is legitimately a MA15+ title that was mistakenly given the R18+ treatment, it still doesn't put us any closer to fixing our broken system.


      I'll probably still buy the edited version, if it is indeed that. Mainly because I value the gameplay over the graphics. Gore isn't the reason I bought the game.

        I don’t think it’s about the graphics with most people, it’s just the principle.

        I’ve been an adult for almost two years now, and I deserve my right to own/play a game that is made for an adult.

        They’re ripping that away from me. I refuse to play the verson re-edited for children. They’re taking adult games and bending them into a 15+ (children’s) game.

        I’m ashamed to be South Australian.

        Seriously Uncool.

      Could not agree anymore. Though a win for the fact we get the sequal (which should be an expansion), its a loss because once again the "Freakin FCC" wins out again in the R18+ censorship war.

      Yeh agreed.

      Right there with you, man.

    Well if they've given the standard edition a MA15+ rating without changes just because they said, "Well Left 4 Dead was given a MA15+, why can't #2?" then thats embarrassing really.

    I mean, Left 4 Dead 1 was okay IMO. I'm probably not going to rush for #2, probably wait for the price to come down a bit. So i'm glad its been approved - but on behalf of the Classification Board, its embarrassing.

    They ban a game to prove a point and do their job. Now they approve it. UNLESS it's an edited version, then thats okay. But if not, then stupid really. If they had refused to classify, it would bring more attention to this issue and hopefully retailers, dev's and publishers could come together and say, "Please just consider a R18 for real". I dunno, something like that.

      Ack, clicked on the wrong reply button.

    Yeh, as much as it's good that this is coming out, it would be better in the long run for us to fix the rating system.... which won't happen until there's pressure to do so. And please let's not try another cosplay rally, we need people the government will listen to, not 30-something year old men dressed as kim possible (I've seen it, it made me very unhappy)

    It will probbaly mean less R18 resistance, but hopefully other future games will be banned that will slightly increase the pressure.

    As for people not buying it, a community member can make a mod to fix the edits made, and allow us to play the game as everyone else.

    There were also rumors that Valve might do it themselves in an official update, I'm not sure if that's possible. Regardless, we can buy the game unedited and change it to how we want it. :)

    There was no way it wasnt going to reach Australian shores in some way or another, look at dark sector, no more heroes and fallout 3.

    It's not that I don't appreciate the effort... because I DO.

    But if it -is- edited, me and everyone else I know won't be buying it.

    I know it's the same for 70% of the other people out there.

    Lets just hope that Steam gets the un-rated version :)

    Just byt it from England

    My biggest concern is will I be able to play online without causing massive lag, I just want to fight the undead on Xbox Live without annoying everyone, getting kicked from games because it does't run right won't win me any friends.

    I just want to say:


    Valve have handled this rather swimmingly. As if we needed it, it's more proof of their dedication to their fans - even in a small market like ours.

    Newell and co. get MAXIMUM RESPECT. I eagerly await the 22nd of October...

    I really hope the chainsaw is still in there.. but either way i'm still looking forward to it.
    I mean its more L4D!

    Shouldn't we wait to find out what was edited before getting all EMO about not buying it.

    If it's simply gore reduced, that could even translate into FPS increased.

    Maybe the Gov't is right gamers acting like children possibly should be treated like them and be protected from bad things.

      You're joking here, right?

      Even if people acting like children should be treated like children, many things (ie alcohol, cars etc.) should be banned before games, and only the minority who have done wrong should have games banned from them, unlike now, when everyone is punished. Maybe noone with a violent criminal conviction could buy an R18+ game?

      How could it possibly be FPS increased?

        Amen to that.

        And even then, how do you determine who exactly deserves to be hand held by the govt and who deserves not to be? What a condescending prick you are sir. Go dangle yourself from a chandelier Hutchence style. Let Darwinian theory solve all your problems Routledge...

        Ouch did I step on a nerve? That line was a throw away comment to address childish comments. To address your concerns of course you can't differentiate people who should and shouldn't be treated like children, should anybody be treated like children? This is why we have blanket controls applied to us for alcohol, voting, driving as it's impossible to differentiate on a case by case basis.

        People in the comments are adamantly saying they will not buy an edited version, so they are effectively punishing Valve for going out of their way to provide something to us Aussies.

        Weresmurf replies here to tell me to go kill myself, sounds fairly childish to me.

        People are getting all cranky about the way it looks, meh as long as it plays well.

        As far as performance we now know the game will "no longer contain depictions of decapitations, dismemberment, wound detail, or piles of bodies lying about the environment". I could be wrong but I reckon less gibs, detail and bodies must take some strain off a PC's need to process the game.

    Once again, we get a game that should be R-rated, dressed in MA15+ clothing. This is detrimental to parents supervising the games that children play. Why won't the SA Attorney General help the parents of Australia?! He is making it so much harder for parents to do their job.

      You're right, even with a superficial cleanup these extremely gory and violent games shouldn't be played by minors.

    I will not buy this game if it is edited. I will boycott it on the principle that I will not support censorship. I'm sorry Gabe I don't want to do this and I'm sorry if I hurt Valve. It hurts me to do it too... but I cannot support censorship and draconian laws.

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