Lucidity, South Park Tower Defense Reinforce XBLA This Week

Xbox Live Arcade expands with twice the animated action this week as Doublesix's South Park LET'S GO TOWER defence PLAY! and LucasArts' Lucidity arrive on Marketplace this Wednesday.

The former is, as one can likely infer from the title, a tower defence game starring the residents of South Park. It could also quite possibly be the first South Park game not to be incredibly awful, an accomplishment that developer Doublesix would surely be proud of.

The latter, Lucidity, is an original adventure from the team that brought The Secret of Monkey Island to Xbox Live Arcade, a moody, gorgeous puzzler that was only recently revealed. Both titles are a meager 800 Microsoft Points, should you be interested.

South Park LET'S GO TOWER defence PLAY! & Lucidity []


    both better be available this week not like last week....

    WOW it comes as a shock that South Park is only 800 MS Points. I suppose thats a bargain for whats sure to be a hit on XBLA.

    yet MS slug ya 1200 for some of the Winter Releases... lame!

    Both seem good, may have to invest.

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