LunchTimeWaster: Going Underground

mamono slayer picAs a dude with a sword, you'll never be able to guess what you discover when you descend a ladder into the depths beneath a forest.


Monsters, you say? And you have to kill them, you say? And there are platform, too? With locked doors that require keys?

It seems you may have already played Mamono Slayer. If that's the case, then the link below is not for you.

Mamono Slayer [Skipmore]


    Hmmm I'm stuck...

      Ok David this is shitting me, did you finish it? I cannot find the damn second plate.

    First, a hint for others: look carefully at the scenery. I almost gave up before I worked out how to get the second key.

    I think I'm stuck at the same point as Trent.. got through the second door now I can't get anywhere else. Need a second plate/coin thingy to get rid of the second block.

    Anyone know?

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