LunchTimeWaster: Here Be Dragon Ages

dragon age journeys picDragon Age: Origins has been billed as something of a return to the RPGs of yore that forged Bioware's reputation. Something in the vein of Baldur's Gate, all top-down, tactical and party-based.

So what better way to promote its upcoming release than with a browser game that follows very much in that tradition. Dragon Age: Journeys is an uncomplicated revival of traditional RPG tropes where quests take you into dungeons, towns are there to resupply and recuperate, and combat is resolutely turn-based.

And it's really good. I hadn't realised how much I wanted an old-school RPG until I played Journeys. Also, I hadn't been all that interested in Origins until I played Journeys. Is this the kind of RPG you want Bioware to be making?

Dragon Age: Journeys [official site]


    Yes. In every sense of the word, YES.

    Something that guild wars has had for years.

    I can forsee myself spending a lot of my spare time with this...Well, at least until next week when Origins comes out.

    I've been waiting for a game that compares to Baldur's Gate for years.

    If you like this you need to check out Heroes of Might and Magic III. It was one of the best tactical rpgs of the 90s and the series inspired many games from this to Total War! The develpoers of DA:Journeys even admit in the game description that they straight out borrowed the hexagonal gameplay from HMM III

    I'm waiting for impressions from others about the game before I commit to it. But if they manage to capture even half the awesomeness that was the Baldur's Gate series then I'm all over it.

    The marketing team seems hell bent on making me *not* want to buy it though the way they've been doing some of their promo videos.

    Journeys is great. Having six hours play time and four achievements deleted - I mean lost - is not.

    From what I've seen of the gameplay on - it seems to play just like nwn2 but obviously much better graphics etc.

    Go there and see for yourself.

    Journeys is great too, but its short, and I've played each and every class to the end now.
    "Moar plz!"

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