LunchTimeWaster: More Castles To Crush

crush the castle pic2You seemed to enjoy crushing some castles a few months back. Now it appears they've been rebuilt and are awaiting your crushing skills once more.

If you missed out previously, the idea is simple: launch a trebuchet and try to knock down the castle walls so that all the inhabitants are crushed to death. You get various trebuchet upgrades as you go, including multi-balls, exploding shots, and extra large boulders.

There's a whole bunch of brand new levels here. It is insanely addictive.

Crush The Castle Players Pack [Kongregate]


    That screenshot reminds me of Bomb-Jack.

    Oh hell yes. This had my entire team hooked for the entire day after you posted the link originally. "Sorry I can't help with modem problems, too busy destroying castles with Trebuchet".

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