LunchTimeWaster: On Yer Bike!

figure 8 picThe humble bicycle is an oft-overlooked mode of transport in videogames. Paperboy, the BMX bit in California Games, GTA San Andreas and a bunch of third-rate extreme sports games is really about it.

Figure 8 sees you riding a bicycle across an increasingly dense series of black-on-white diagrams. Despite its top-down perspective and the abstract nature of its obstacle course, the feeling of steering a bicycle is conveyed extremely well through the controls.

You have to avoid black lines, but you score more points for riding in a straight line and also the closer you get to each obstacle. Checkpoints offer their own risk/reward scenario, requiring you to circle them to activate them, which in turn wastes precious time.

It gets pretty fiendish later on.

Figure 8 [Intuition Games]


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