LunchTimeWaster: Watch A Shark Eat A Plane

miami shark picEverything about Miami Shark is so perfectly, exquisitely, preposterous, it could well be the finest game ever made.

The concept: you're a shark. You bite things. Anything. From paddling ducks to hapless swimmers to yachts and helicopters. And yes, jumbo jets.

Wait. Make that jumbo jets carrying space shuttles.

The Hi-NRG soundtrack is appropriately outrageous. Nothing suits the sight of a shark divebombing an ocean liner better than some rampantly camp disco. Especially when everything explodes.

You're mad if you don't play this.

Miami Shark [Newgrounds]



    Just awesome.

    Seriously, this game is awesome.
    Colourful, Easy gameplay, great humor. AMAZING!

    That was pretty fun. Is it a sin to enjoy a casual game? Does that make me bi-casual?

      Yes, yes it does.

    So good. The power riffs when you latch onto a chopper or 747 are the best.

    This OWNS

    awesome game

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