LunchTimeWaster: What's Your Favourite?

lolcat headshotToday I want to hear about your favourite LunchTimeWaster. You know, that quick and easy browser game you just can't stop playing.

Or maybe it's just one you think other Kotaku readers should check out.

Just provide a link to your chosen game and a quick reason why we should check it out.



    I've set this one into David to post, but I guess now is the time to share it! is the hardest game to master, yet hilarious to try and do. If any of you can actually get the guy to run (the aim of the game), David will pay you $50. Post your distance records here!

      100.1m. How do I claim my $50?

        Ahh well done, BUT, did you do this running, or unco crawling (thats how I did it). If you did manage to make him run, whats the secret?? Oh, err and the $50.... David... Help???? *hides*


      100.4m :D

    Warfare 1944 -

    Shameless self promotion (I made it).

      Thats pretty cool man, I'm jealous of your skills! :D

      Fun game, but when the enemys get tanks it becomes SO HARD :(


    I can't get enough of Canabalt: (or the HD version for big monitors here: ). Simple concept, but addictive as heck + a kickass soundtrack.

    Bloons Tower Defense 3

    Missile Game 3D... it's hard to describe, but it's the kind of game you get better at with each go... wasted so many IT classes with this in year 12 :p

    I don't have a favourite, but I do enjoy this 'segment'. Most memorable would be the cannon one that you re-linked to recently & the word bending one where you followed words and it was like a choose your own adventure. Can't remember if I got linked to it here or not, but the 'Cat Cat Watermelon' game was awesome.

    That would be kotaku.

    I'm always on the crush the castle games on
    Either original or players pack :P

    Sonny 2 @ Armor Games
    Spent most of the time I should've been working playing that game, just beat it today.
    TOP game.



    And it was exhilarating. No other attempt of mine has remotely come close.

    It used to be Yahoo's Collapse. I think it was the satisfying sounds it made when the lines of blocks crashed.

    51.8 metres

    Dolphin Olympics 2 - I've made it past Neptune, but the Restaurant at the end of the Universe eludes me!

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