MagnaCarta 2's Kan Game

MagnaCarta 2 is in US stores today (the official Australian release date isn't 'til October 22), and this video takes a look at the unique way the game handles special abilities and magic — the Kan system.

I've had the game for several days now, thanks to a local store that wasn't aware of any street date, and so far I'm struggling to enjoy it. When your main protagonist's first words involve amnesia, you know you're not going to be breaking any new ground story-wise. The gameplay, however, is rather unique. Just take a look at the magic and ability-fuelling Kan system in this video to see what I mean.


    It's always amnesia.

    It looks pretty cool - makes me want to get it!

    The first magna carta has the worst combat system out of any console rpg i have ever played. was insanely frustrating.

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