Man Plays Grand Theft Auto For 40 Hours Straight

What did you do between September 4 and September 6? Twenty-six year-old private equity broker Chirantan Patnaik played Grand Theft Auto IV — for 40 hours and 20 minutes straight.

The Mumbai, India resident started playing at his home on September 4 at 10:00 a.m. and wrapped up on September 6 at 2:00 a.m., taking only four breaks. His marathon play session was observed by observers and has earned its place in the Guinness Book, surpassing the previous record of playing GTAIV for 28 hours and 1 minute.

"There are so many other games which I have played for long hours," says Patnaik. "But I had never tried playing this particular game seriously. However, I knew that I can do it after I saw my brother playing it ... I enjoyed the game very much. It's fun playing long hours. It wasn't that exhaustive for me, as one might feel."

To train for the event, he exercised, ran and did yoga, and while playing, he guzzled coffee and munched on dates. Next up, Patnaik plans to play for 48 hours straight.

Mumbai youth makes world record in video gaming [ZEENEWS via GamePolitics]


    This man is a hero.

    "observed by observers".....Really?

    no offence to india, the guinness book of records or anyone that thinks this is decent; but so what. If i knew this could be a record well i would have done it earlier. 4 breaks? piece of peepee

    I would need a six-pack of eye drops to match this.

    Well you know now, so what's stopping you now Darius?

      Probably could've done it back when I was 13 years old lmao. My mate and I did pull a 36 hour session on A LINK TO THE PAST on the SNES when it was released with no sleep and just playing, that's all. Alas Im now 31 and can't be bothered devoting that time, my own son is 5 and I have grand plans for his video game time wasting...

    He wouldn't have got Liberty City minute! Shame

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