Mass Effect 2 On PS3? Da, Mate!

Two non-United States EA sites are listing Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3.

The first spotting was made by RPG Site on Russia's EA site. VG247 made a second spotting on an Australian game retail site. They also report that BioWare has previously refused to confirm or deny whether or not a PS3 version was in the works.

We've got a request for confirmation or denial in with a Mass Effect 2 publicist. We'll let you know as soon as we hear something. So far, we've seen nothing on US retail or EA press sites.

EA Russia list Mass Effect 2 for PS3 [RPG Site via VG247]


    hmmm i smell a crappy port in the werx EA strikes again

      goddamn EA! Can we go back to hating them now?

        i never stopped they took some steps in the right direction last year dead space and mirrors edge but they arent outta the woods yet and hell im not unresonable if the port is done good then more power to em but i dont wanna hear from some ps3 owner how buggy mass effect 2 was because valve, bioware and double fine are like the holy trinity of gaming and if you work with thier products you better do a good job or suffer the wrath of 1000 angry fanboys

        They seemed to have changed it back at midnight although in the russia it also said left for dead an now its no ps3 on both

        Anthony: Make that 1001

    man, uncharted 2, killzone 2 street fighter 4 resident evil 5. Those games work perfectly on the ps3 wwhy cant all the others?

      All comes down to coding, when your coding sucks your game sucks.

    If it is true, then this is very good news. Shame they didn't put the first on PS3...

      While i believe (and hope) that this PS3 talk is false and just a mistake... IF Mass Effect 2 does come on PS3, Mass Effect 1 will not.

      It was published by Microsoft so i'm sure Microsoft will prevent it from being ported to the PS3 if they have any legal authority over that which i think they would.

      Anyway - if a PS3 port of Mass Effect 2 is meant to occur, why wouldn't BioWare announce it? I mean fair enough if they weren't developing both at the same time, but still if its SOON or even the same time as the Xbox 360 version, whats stopping them from announcing it.

      Therefore it's probably fake.

    I bet this is just retards being retards, game stores are the most worst source of information this side of the horsehead nebula. Especially Australian retail stores who couldn't tell me WHAT Dementium the Ward is or when the new Layton game was to be released a few months ago. A grain of salt, we've done this.

    I think it kinda makes sense. Why would they offer the special armor pack (in Dragons Age) to PS3 users, if they were never going to be able to use it?

    It's in the system (GAME) but only prices and dates for the 360 and PC versions.
    Looks to me like they chucked it in there just in case.

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