Metro 2033 Trailer Paints A Bleak Picture

The announcement trailer for THQ and 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033 sets the stage for what could very well be mankind's last stand.

THQ announced the 2010 game this morning, posting this trailer on the game's official site to introduce prospective players to the setting. The game is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's popular Eastern European novel, the synopsis for which gives you a pretty good idea of where the game is going.

The book is currently available in Russian and German, though Amazon has a listing for an English language version being released in February of next year, which should give you plenty of time to bone up before diving into post-apocalyptic Moscow.


    The voice work is putting me off big time. Even if it is a real Russian-English speaking man, it still sounds really off-putting.

    I dont know about anyone else, but this looks like its piggybacking off Stalker, and that pisses me off. I love stalker for what it is, and this just looks like its trying to get a slice of that player base. It better give a damn good case as to what separates it from Stalker for me to purchase it.

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