Microsoft Confirms They Are Testing Live Reward Program

Yesterday word rumbled in, via countless tips and screengrabs, that Microsoft was preparing to roll-out a test of some sort of Xbox Live rewards program for the Xbox 360.

Today Microsoft confirmed to Kotaku that they are indeed looking into it.

"We are always exploring ways to provide the most value for our members and are currently testing a pilot rewards program with a select base of our Xbox LIVE community in the US," a spokesman told Kotaku. "We have no further details to share at this time."

All we know so far, from the email being sent about, is that the non-transferable sign-up period for the program closes on October 21.

It's unclear what exactly the program will entail, but it could be anything from rewarding frequent gamers with Microsoft points to discounts for frequent point buyers.

What would you like it to entail?


    They could provide us the best value by dropping the cost of a gold subscription...

    It'll probably be something simple like a 'buy 10 get one free' thing, for every 10000 MS points you buy you get 1000 free or something

    I'd definitely prefer gold memeber discounts, say if you've been a member for more than a year you get a discount on renewing membership or something. Or maybe for every membership renewal you get a 10-25% off coupon code for any bit of marketplace content.

    Why if they did that I could buy the games on demand version of Mass Effect for as little as $75! 15 whole dollars cheaper than I bought it for 2 years ago, bargain!

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