Microsoft: Football Toss Not For A Model For Xbox Live Adver-Gaming

Speculation is dangerous, which is why so many companies don't comment on it. (Nor on rumours.) Over the past 24 hours, Microsoft gently, and Kotaku readers not-so-gently, disabused me of my theories regarding a new Xbox Live game.

Bad Totilo Theory 1: This Football Toss game might be new, might be part of the Xbox 360 dashboard update coming in November but previewed to me now. Nope. Readers made it oh so clear yesterday that these games have existed before.

Cue Microsoft spokesperson: "No, 'Football Toss' is not tied to the latest Xbox LIVE Update. 'Football Toss' is much like the 'Snow Globe' we released last Holiday and the 'Dunk Tank' we released in September. We're able to provide these fun experiences for our community on Xbox LIVE at anytime."

Bad Totilo Theory 2: The Football Toss game seems so much like an Internet pop-up-window adver-game that maybe it's a test for one.

Re-cue Microsoft spokesperson: "They are not intended to be templates for advertising. We enjoy providing these fun experiences for our community to enjoy. To celebrate football season, we're excited to bring our members a quick game of "Football Toss" which incorporates your and your friends' Avatars."

So it's just a fun experience, OK? I've asked Microsoft who makes these games and what the schedule is for them in the future. But I believe I may have worn out their patience on this one.


    pity you cant play them on an australian account...

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