Microsoft: We Will Outsell PS3 This Gen

Time for the baseball analogies! Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg compares the console wars to a game of baseball. So, batter up.

"What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation," Greenberg told Game Informer. "It is similar to a game of baseball, it is not about just winning one inning, but instead being able to win the game by consistently delivering across all nine innings." Wonder what inning we're in now...

Previously Greenberg has discussed the price cut sales spikes, stating that he thought they were short term.

"I actually think the story here is about much more than just hardware sales," Greenberg continued to GI. "It's about the entire ecosystem and investing in the future; something we are very focused on. There is also the whole financial side of the equation that people rarely seem to pay attention to."

Interested in extra innings? Full interview with Greenberg in the link below.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg Looks To Holiday, Beyond [GameInformer][Pic]


    So what are the lifetime sales thus far?

      I remember reading before the OFFICIAL announcement of the PS3 Slim, the 360 was at or JUST over 30 million.

      The PS3 was at something like 23 million or 25 million shipped, something like that. Without the Slim sales, i know the PS3 hadn't reached 25 million and at that time the 360 was already at 30.

      Its around a 5-6 million difference i would say.

    good luck to em. there really isnt much in it and with the lower price of ps3 their sales are really gaining momentum. with all the hardware problems the 360 has had i cant believe theyre still in the race. i fixed my RROD machine last week and looking at the design of the guts it was quite obvious they were bound to fail. i think they were so keen to get it out first that they didnt test or revise the hardware enough.
    then look at the console exclusives... there isnt 1 on the 360 that i have found to be any good. gears, halo, fable etc are all pretty much rubbish, IMO. then look at the ps3's exclusive lineup... resistance 1 & 2 both great. killzone 2 kick ass. MGS4 EPIC! infamous EPIC. uncharted 2 unbelievably EPIC.
    its really got me beat as to how they are doing better so far. you even have to pay to play. the ps3 just has everything included in the box... except the friggin HD cable, yeah thats my pet hate about the ps3 ;) bloody composite cables for the home entertainment unit that does "everything". it does everything AFTER you buy a HDMI cable.
    i gotta stop ranting on!

    Well if Xbox sales sink as low as they are in Japan, I'd think you would care about the calender year.

    I know that I have sold more 360's to people who have had their original break down. Does this mean that they are going to maintain their tradition of a 54% failure rate to ensure constant sales?

    how many of the 30 million are still running?

    If they are that confident, I think it means MS are about to close off this generation.... Enter the 720 maybe.??

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