Milla Jovovich Offers Video Game Advice For Parents

Star of the Resident Evil film series, Milla Jovovich is more than an actress. She's a mother, too!

And as a mother and star of a series of action films based on zombie games, she probably has a good take on entertainment, kids and parenting.

She does! The actress tells, "I think parents need to take a lot more responsibility than they do about whether it's OK for their children to go to Resident Evil or any other movie with violence or sex or whatever. It's really easy to blame Hollywood for violence having an effect on kids, but movies would have no power if parents would just set their own standards. And it's the same with video games."

Milla Jovovich 'It's Really Easy to Blame Hollywood For Violence' [Parade Thanks mr_raccoon!]


    Good to see a high profile woman speak out but unfotunately those who are against violence and sex in video games are people who cant be reasoned with :(

      Much like christians

      and that evil cross over section that has game violence and christians locked in together its like the holy duo of evil

      this is common sense and most people know it to be true but because 99.99% of parents are lazy sods they would rather the world was censored for everyone so they dont have to look at the rating sticker in the corner

      simple rule if you have to buy the game for you kid and its got red in the corner put it back if u dont want him with violence

      stop trying to restrict content and punish the store selling them to kids since apparently all kids have easy access to MA+ material in australia

      Card them everytime the parents will soon catch on there kid needs them to buy there violent games and can make a informed decision(much the same way you do at the doctors ie you know the bullet points (sex scenes graphic violence) but have no idea how any of it actually goes together

    wow theres actually a functional brain behind that face will wonders ever cease

    Yay... sense

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