Miyamoto Wishes There Was More Star Fox Love

Oh Japan, why must you make Miyamoto sad? The legendary game designer recently spoke to MTV Multiplayer about his disappointment with the performance of the Star Fox series in his native land.

While the majority of Shigeru Miyamoto's works enjoy huge success in Japan, there is one franchise that has been steadily declining in popularity. Miyamoto spoke to Multiplayer about the sad decline of the Star Fox series.

I'm a big fan of the 'Star Fox' games. Every time we make a 'Star Fox' game I'm hoping people will enjoy it as much as I do. Of course the goal every time is to try and make it more and more fun but, at least in Japan, the people that purchase the 'Star Fox' games has decreased over the years. But we still try to make them more fun and hopefully people will see the appeal in those games.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that there hasn't been a full-on flying Star Fox console title since 1997's Star Fox 64? Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube was a rather huge deviation from the winning formula, and while Star Fox: Assault did have ship combat, it was watered down with sloppy on-foot missions. Give Japan an all-flying, all-shooting Star Fox title for the Wii and the fans will come.

Mario Creator Talks Disappointment With 'Star Fox' [MTV Multiplayer]


    I totally agree with ya there Mike. The series needs to go back to it's roots. The Wii's third person aiming mechanics are fantastic and would be perfect for Starfox.

    Does anyone know why Starfox was named Starwing in AUS, or why Starfox 64 was names Lylat Wars? Kinda weird really.

      There was an Ariolasoft game called Starfox in the UK and Australia.

        Hehe- you said "Ariola". Areola... geddit?

      There was a brand of Vacuum in Europe called Starfox, and since Aus gets the Europe version...

    We love starfox, we just do not love 3d walk-around starfox or starfox command.

    We just want another normal starfox game! Geeeez!

    some might say pure on rails space shooting is too short for a full release, though we're getting basically that in sin and punishment 2.
    The DS version was off rails and pretty solid, so that could be the basis for future titles.

    was called starwing etc pretty sure due to some copyright issues with that name already taken in aus, a quick google search should sort it out

    The problem is they made it mario esque

    There is no need for Fox to get out of his Arwing. Have big galactic space battles, thats whats awesome.

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