Modern Warfare 2 Delayed Two Weeks For PC?

Citing unnamed sources, the site Electronic Theatre reports that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be delayed two weeks past its general November 10 release date to November 24.

Electronic Theatre says it has no official reasons for the delay, and speculates that "manufacturing constraints" may be to blame, perhaps to "counteract piracy issues".

Presently, Amazon, GameStop and GameSpot all have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 listed with a November 10 release date.

We've contacted a spokesman for the game to ask for comment. Should there be any clarification, it will be added here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Delayed on PC [Electronic Theatre, thanks MasterDex]


    bleh, hope the delay is due to some improvement for the PC

      Hah. The delay is not to improve the PC version, it is Activision trying to extract more money out of console gamers before letting the "pirates" (aka. PC gamers) buy the game.

        It always amazes me that no one around here seems to acknowledge the fact that the 360 is just as easy to pirate for as the PC..

        Considering you can just use an iso on the 360 where the PC requires a key to allow online play Id say pirates are more likely to pirate for 360 and buy on PC..

    well if its just a manufacturing issue then make it still available through online distributers.

      No doubt it's in order to try and get extra console sales.

    What a Joke!
    I ordered the Prestige Edition for PS3 and am trading the game in simultaneously at launch for the PC version. If It's delayed I'll be stuck with an inferior console FPS...

    I bet it is to try and get as many people as possible to buy the console versions in the first few weeks, that way when it does come out on PC the piracy figures won't be as bad.

    Well, that's going to ruin their "sold X copies in just 1 week!" figure.

    Multi-platform titles releasing the PC copy delayed..i dont not like this trend.

    So a company as big as Activision can't sort this out? they're just sitting back sucking eggs?
    Come on..
    It's all about the consoles.

    FFS, first they don't give us PC gamers the option to get the Hardened or Prestige Edition, and now they (might) delay the game?!
    I'm tired of PC gamers being disadvantaged over consoles.

    Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be true.

    GAY!!!!!!!!!, LAN parties are only fun with pc's!, I hate being treated like a second class citizen.

    been waiting for this game for ages. Restrained myself to buy Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 just for this game and i hear its being delayed for 2 weeks for the PC??
    if its true this is a real piss off.

    they are trying to make PC gamers fed up with the delays. The ultimate goal of these publishers is to convert everyone to consoles.

    Assuming that this is true, go fucking figure. I don't give a stuff about this piracy/manufacturing bullcrap that they (might) feed us - it's purely cuz they'd rather pump out the console version and leave their focus there. The PC version is like chump change for them and they'll only shift focus when the main bulk of their money is made. Arrg, screw developers and their lack of priority for the PC (yes, the crap loads of PC delays recently has really gotten on my nerves).

    I think they are countering the PC gamer prestige edition loop hole, where you order a prestige, and then immediately trade your 360 or PS3 copy for the superior PC version. Which I was fully intending to do.

    All i can say is suck shit! =)

    Thats for getting content for freeeeeeeee even though PC won't be getting the map packs, well for a particular time anyway.

      Why should we be punished for the shortfalls of your intended medium of choice?

    I've taken annual leave for this day so if this happens, I will be slightly (read: furiously) pissed off and will be writing a formal letter of complaint to Activision.

    What's 2 more weeks if you've been waiting this long. The only reason you play it on pc is because u can't aim withou a mouse.

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