Modern Warfare 2 Features Skippable Scene Of Atrocities

Activision's upcoming first-person shooter Modern Warfare 2 includes scenes "designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism", the publisher told Kotaku today.

The scenes are so powerful that despite already having a Mature rating, players can choose to skip playing through it.

Details of the scene came to light after footage from the game was leaked on the Internet. Activision says that the footage comes from a game obtained illegally and "is not representative of the overall gameplay experience in Modern Warfare 2".

You probably want to stop reading now if you don't want to hear anything about the game.

"Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 features a deep and gripping storyline in which players face off against a terrorist threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse. The game includes a plot involving a mission carried out by a Russian villain who wants to trigger a global war. In order to defeat him, the player infiltrates his inner circle. The scene is designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism," according to the statement provided to Kotaku from Activision.

"At the beginning of the game, players encounter a mandatory 'checkpoint' in which they are warned that an upcoming segment may contain disturbing elements and they can choose not to engage in the gameplay that involves this scene. Consistent with its content, the game has been given an 'M' for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The rating is prominently displayed on the front and back of the packaging, as well as in all advertising."

It sounds like Modern Warfare 2 isn't planning on riding on the success of its predecessor. Whether the game goes too far will have to wait until all of us can play the game and experience the scenes in context.


    USA being terrorized or USA terrorizing innocent Afghans?

      yes, it is funny how we are quick to persecute these groups because that is what the mainstream "media" tell us.
      anyway, i cannot wait to play this damn game!! almost every day something new gets shown/leaked and it just sounds/looks EPIC! but, at the same time i am secretly hoping that it doesnt top my favourite so far... Uncharted 2 ;) that game grabbed me by the balls and wouldnt let go until i finished it. it will be interesting to see if the story is as immersive as Uncharted 2. cause we already know the gameplay is gonna be crazy awesome. i have found that personally i dont tend to follow the story in shooters. i just get in there and kill as much as i can. i have a feeling this installment might just be a little different.

    maybe the OFLC would like to ban MW2 as well?

      Ryan, brother! Whose side are you on?

      The ability to skip these ''checkpoint' cutscenes is a good move by IW, showing that they are thinking about the problems that present themselves when games are submitted to Classification Boards and the like

        sorry brother!
        still a bit jaded about the whole IWNET no dedicated server thing!

      Nope, MW2 will be rated MA15+ in Australia.. it's already passed.

      The Classification Board has no issues with killing civilians or acts of terrorism, its just realistic violence towards Zombies that they have an issue with.

        ... they can always revoke classification if "new information" come to light, like if the developers failed to show scenes from this segment to the OFLC during the rating process.

        I seem to remember it happening to GTA3... So just be sure and grab a copy on launch day and pray that this doesn't hit before release.

          Might be abit sooner than you think Hugh...

          True. If this wasn't in the Review copy, then I'm pretty sure classification can be instantly revoked.

          If the board have seen these scenes, and passed the rating, I'm not sure there's much they can do to re-rate it or revoke it.. although i wouldn't be surprised if they can do anything they bloomin' well want. It's been a while since i scoured the Act (ahem).

          Just imagine they revoke classification now.. for potentially the biggest selling game of all time which is released in two weeks!!

    It's good to know that MW2 isn't just about mowing civilians down with machine guns.

    on some forums and sites some people are saying they are offended by these scenes, apparenty the GAME gets you to kill some civilions, an act of terrorist...

    Stupid sheeple, you are hypocrites, firstly it's just a game and secondly why is it okay to kill "terrorists" or "bad guys" but when the tables are turned you cry foul.

    It's suppose to give you another perspective but noooo you want to live in your perfect little world and ignore everything else.

    Quite frankly, if you can discern what is real and what is not than you deserve to live under a rock and keep on letting your USA government cuddle you like a little baby that you are.

      Quite frankly, if you can't* discern what is real and what is not than you deserve to live under a rock and keep on letting your USA government cuddle you like a little baby that you are.

        OH SNAP!

        But seriously, I hope you realise AndyN that any statement you make is instantly made less credible just by the use of that pseudo-word "sheeple". Just makes you sound like a wanker, no matter how valid your point may be. Also, if you look it up, your use of the word hypocrite is actually wrong, according to the real definition, if you're gonna go using aggressive phrases like that.

        That said, though I would put it differently, I pretty much agree with you.

    With such a short storyline & crappy MP I can't see why anyone would BUY this?? teehee

      "Crappy MP" due to the lack of server hosting?
      Or is there other issues that I'm uninformed of? Such as ones that would affect console gamers.

        *are there other issues

        Yes that's what I was referring to. I guess it's a universal thing now.
        When I played cod4 on PS3 the lag wasn't too bad. I'm going to wait and see what people are saying about PC MP before I buy.

    @CMRD Bones...

    I think that you'll find that 'Ben!!!' may have been sarcastic, the 'teehee' gives it away. Apart from the Pc issues with the IWnet (which i dont understand as i have an xbox, which works fine with the Hosting) the MP is supposed to be the best yet in the Call of Duty series.

    Of corse its some massive attack that only a small team bring down and save the world and probably receive no glory because no one other than the President knows about it.


    Yeah its going to be a sweet game - but i cannot take the storyline seriously. I just want the multiplayer.

    But i would love for a company to make a game about the Americans being the d*cks. Cause thats what they really are - just let us kill them in a proper manner. Not a "well since you play as the 'Good Guy' American, we'll let you play a little of being the "Bad Guy".... lame!

    Has this been rated in Aus? if this has scenes so intense the developers decided to give the option of skipping... then how did this just get an MA in aus?

    From the Classifications Act 1995

    9A Refused Classification for publications, films or computer games that advocate terrorist acts

    (1) A publication, film or computer game that advocates the doing of a terrorist act must be classified RC.

    (2) Subject to subsection (3), for the purposes of this section, a publication, film or computer game advocates the doing of a terrorist act if:

    (a) it directly or indirectly counsels or urges the doing of a terrorist act; or

    (b) it directly or indirectly provides instruction on the doing of a terrorist act; or

    (c) it directly praises the doing of a terrorist act in circumstances where there is a risk that such praise might have the effect of leading a person (regardless of his or her age or any mental impairment (within the meaning of section 7.3 of the Criminal Code) that the person might suffer) to engage in a terrorist act.

    (3) A publication, film or computer game does not advocate the doing of a terrorist act if it depicts or describes a terrorist act, but the depiction or description could reasonably be considered to be done merely as part of public discussion or debate or as entertainment or satire.

    (4) In this section:

    terrorist act has the meaning given by section 100.1 of the Criminal Code (no matter where the action occurs, the threat of action is made or the action, if carried out, would occur).

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