Modern Warfare 2 Getting The Steam Works

PC gamers still planning on picking up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may want to take a look at the Steam version, which is getting full Steamworks integration, including Steam achievements and Steam Cloud support.

The achievement stuff is just delicious candy, really, but the Steam Cloud support is nice. That server side storage of your multiplayer game progress is the kind of convenience that I adore — even if I never personally use it.

Gabe Newell, Valve bigwig, sure sounds pleased about the adoption of Steamworks by Infinity Ward. "Having a game as significant as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 using the suite of back-end services in Steamworks is a signal to us that we're making the right kinds of choices for triple-A developers like Infinity Ward," he says, dollar signs in his eyes.


    [email protected] dollars US on steam for this.

    They sure don't want us getting it cheap with the american dollar, which is pathetic considering we should be seeing price cuts instead.

      Why pay AUD $98 via Steam when you can pay AUD $62 via Steam?

      Info here:

    And with extra "bend over and rape you hard" pricing for Australians!

    Basically 3 bucks cheaper than retail in Oz at the moment. That on top of all the obvious douchebaggery that has popped up recently, I don't think they'll be getting my dosh any time in the near future (if at all).

      You should be able to find it for $89.95 AU at retail.

      This pricing is pushing everyone to buy on disc cause Activision want some gravy with their chicken.

        Actually chances are its RRP will be $120 for us, its more expensive remember, $60USD rather than $50 USD, taking into account our totally awesome pay twice as much policy it means we will get it for $120, and JB can probably only knock that down to $100.

        Play-Asia is going to be the cheapest way to go I think, they list it as under $60AUD.

        I've already bought it on Steam :) I want the integration BADLY!

    Well that explains where the US$89.99 cost of the game goes! Well, not quite...

    I can't see many people buying it for $90USD + the big hit it'll take on your download cap.

    Way to misunderstand completely the appeal of Steam, Activision.

    I think the price is due to the US dollar going down, so naturally we'll pay more for their product. They want to get their products projected worth.

    But along with that, you get PC gamers not buying it. It's a thin line to walk.

      That is total codswallop. Activision did exactly the same thing with the price of CoD4 for Australians (the price was US$88.50, and the AUD was buying about US$0.80 at the time). If the weaker US dollar were to blame, *all* the publishers would be raising their prices, and to my knowledge they haven't. It's simply a case of Activision being a bunch of moneygrubbing scumbags.

      An excuse that holds no water mate. If the weakness of the US dollar was to blame then the over all price of the game in all region's would have to increase (i.e. US players would need to pay more than $60 USD).

      As all steam purchases are in USD theyre arent technically loosing money, theyre infact taking more off you than ever before.

      FYI your retail copy will sync with Steam as its Steam works enabled (the same as Empire Total War). So there is no reason to pay for Cashtivision's regional DD price gauging.

    So are they saying that if I don't get the Steam version I get screwed over even more. Way to piss on loyal fans who pre-ordered months ago.


    $62 AUD with free shipping at cdwow. It may take a few days to arrive, but its the cheapest option I've seen.

    Can't you just buy it retail then sync it up with steam?

      It usually doesn't work that way sadly. You can put a shortcut to it in steam, but you don't get steam integration without actually buying the steam copy.

      I don't know for sure, but I do know that if you point Steam at the Champions Online exe and run the game via Steam, you get its Steam achievements, even if you didn't buy the game through the service.

    pretty expensive on steam, got it for $56 AUS on playasia....dumb move by steam pricing sooo high

    Yep, yet another Activision Steam pricing rip off for AUS customers.

    If you are going to play it, do yourself a favour and pick up a retail version from the states. With the strong dollar atm you'll pay about half the price.

    It... uses... steam.. works... so.. you... must... have.. steam.. to.. play... it..... and.. you.. can... only... activate it .. on steam... at... the.... 10th.. november... or... 12-13th.. november... so.... mah.... GAME... copy... of... it... will.. not... be ... playable.. tomorrow......................

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