Modern Warfare 2 Goes Past 11 And 69

Infinity Ward revealed some key numbers and details about Modern Warfare 2 on Game Trailers TV last night. Plus they made it clear that at least one part of the game will be tough.

GTTV host Geoff Keighley got word that character-levelling in Modern Warfare 2 will go to level 70 this time, with the Prestige status system making a return.

He also confirmed that the new multiplayer perk of being able to fire at enemies from an AC-130, which is available after the player pulls off 11 consecutive kills, is not the ultimate killstreak perk. Infinity Ward wouldn't reveal what the better perk(s) is/are or what size killstreak will be needed to activate them.

IW boss Vince Zampella avoided providing another key number, but at least let it be known that the figure will be great then 1. He confirmed that players will get in the boots of "multiple characters" in the new game.

Also noted in the episode is that the Special Ops missions will not have checkpoints. If a player is killed, the mission starts over.

For more on the game, including a look at four of the Special Ops missions, check out the full episode.


    "but at least let it be known that the figure will be great then 1."

    few spelling errors, should be "greater than 1"

    ...that is all :P

    I think that it should also be noted that it seems as though a you go into lasts stand - at which point your team mate can save you, however it's Game Over in single player.

    "at least one part of the game will be tough"

    So they are going to wtf easy, to hey its a normal game.

    @Paperz... you officially have no life!

    WOW... Special Ops looks wicked. I totally forgot about those screenshots with the people with shields set in that Breach mission. Looks wicked. The Jeep is awesome too.

    However, all i am seeing is Rainbow Six Vegas. Umm Terrorist Hunt anyone??

    This is gonna feel better considering Vegas is more tactical & taking time. More slower gameplay - but i still love Vegas. It's just i don't see much originality in MW2. I know its a sequel and gonna be exactly like COD4 - but more in the sense of things they've added have all been done before to me.

    BUT Terrorist Hunt is wicked, so having it play a little different but in COD is wicked.

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