Modern Warfare 2 "Infamy" Trailer: The War Comes Home

"Infamy," the heavily anticipated Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 trailer is now live on Infinity Ward's site. In it, a narration of the biblical story of the first murder introduces sequences that depict Washington under seige.

You may view it there. When we have it available it'll be embedded here.

Modern Warfare 2: Infamy [Infinity Ward]


    So much for seperation of church and state! Lol
    We have to rescue the president!

      Unless the president is a traitor and wants to secretly finish what Stalin couldn't.

      In conclusion Infinity Ward may have picked up the writers from 24.

    So Fallout 3 was about Washington AFTER the war, and now we get to live through it? woot!

    Maybe they are putting down a peoples uprising in Washington. I couldn't think of a greater candidate for a revolution than the USA; An armed civilian population; A population that is used to an unsustainable quality of life due to a debt driven neoclassical economy that is sliding like $hit off a shovel, and a constitutional right to revolt against a tyrannical regime that attacks the constitution. Maybe in the “end game” it will be the blood of tyrants that will fertilise the tree of liberty:)

    So why does everyone think that trailer is awesome?

    So Fallout 3 was about Washington AFTER the war, and now we get to live through it? woot!

    War. War never changes....s.

    Lame voice acting + lame bible quotes (hurl) = Lame trailer for an awesome game.

    The lighting looks much better, in this trailer at least than in CoD4.

    Ehhhh like i been saying, we all know the game looks nothing like that during gameplay. Nice try though Infinity, we've seen demos from game conventions. You ain't fooling anyone.

    Love the way CALL OF DUTY sneaks into the title. Infinity thinking they are better than that - they are nothing with COD.

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