Modern Warfare 2 PC's IWNET An "Improvement" Over Dedicated Servers, Says IW

Infinity Ward's revelation that Modern Warfare 2 for the PC would drop dedicated servers for online multiplayer in favour of the developer's IWNET tech was met with the usual community grumbling. Now IW is trying to clear the air.

Amid frantic petition signing and friendly sniping about the change from competitors, Infinity Ward's Robert "FourZeroTwo" Bowling says that "IWNET is an improvement" over the dedicated server options PC gamers have become accustomed to. And he attempts to sell that to the Call of Duty community in a new post on his site.

Bowling writes that the IWNET matchmaking service is "the biggest investment Infinity Ward has ever made into the PC version of our games," explaining how various aspects of the new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer feature set works.

From matchmaking to private games to clan matches, Bowling touches on the many concerns that PC players seem to have about IWNET versus dedicated servers. "It doesn't mean you'll just be thrown into a random game!" he says, saying that playlists, the party system and friendslists will make playing with clans or setting up scrimmage sessions "easier and hassle free."

Bowling ends it with perhaps the most attractive feature of IWNET, which uses Valve's Anti Cheat.

"The biggest benefit of using IWnet by far is the fact that you don't have to worry about joining a server full of aim-bots, wallhacks, or cheaters," Bowling writes. "Or relying on the server admin of the server to constantly be monitoring, banning, and policing it."

We've reached out to Activision and Infinity Ward for additional comment on the change.

Modern Warfare 2 For PC [FourZeroTwo]


    Yeah, because clans really want a p2p game, or a bunch of Aussies really want to play on a US based server. Idiots.

    gettign rid of dedicated servers was probably the stupidest thing Infinity Ward and craptivision could have done i mean call of duty is renowned for its competitive play and clans like dedicated servers ... so herp derp lets get rid of em.

    So basically they are making IWNET to be just like the service the xbox live users get for MW2

    Time to lube up boys! Fist-ivision is rolling into a town near you. You'll be amazed at blanket server bans (with no admin recalls!) and crappy pings for all! HORAH!

    I'll be waiting to see how this turns out before i even think about putting money down for this one.

    Everything they don't put in is an improvement amirite? Obvious damage control is obvious. Exactly the same as when Bungee told us we didn't want Halo ODST firefight matchmaking.

    I can't wait to have 300-650 ping! The only reason I get a PC version is that the xbox 360 online is horrible. Thanks IW!

    are there going to be internode quality aussie servers? please ask them :D. I dont mind matchmaking in halo3, although its annoying not to be able to choose your map.

    Maybe something like killzone 2 would be cool too

    Are you F'n serious??! VAC?? really ?? really???

    VAC is so bad at stopping hacks, just go play Counterstrike and see how many speed hacks, aimbots etc there are.

    VAC is a joke.

    I WAS* going to buy this game but NOW* I'm not.
    GG Activision.

    So, he's got plenty to say about match making and clan play but nothing to say on the PC fans main concern, high pings. I think that's rather telling.

    Wait for what the reviewers say on this one I reckon.

    Off the record - but that screenshot makes me hate the game. I mean that makes MW2 look terrible.

    Yuk yuk yuk

    Why has this evolved into a Rainbow Six Vegas??? I mean thats a great game but, it's great in its own merit! Tactical and slow. Not fast and get shot 10 times before you die!!!!

    VAC is shit, just as shit as WON before it. Best thing you can do is cancel your preorder/dont buy game. And support Dice who dont f*ck over the pc gamers.

    Because matchmaking works so well for everyone outside of the US....

    I ditched the 360 version of COD4 for the PC version the due to the shitty connection you got from being dumped into games with US hosts.

    Now I have no will to buy any version, WD.

    haha well considering a dedicated server is like having a town marshall he kicks and bans those wall hacks and aimbots i mean its extremely rare that i even see theses things on the servers i play nyways

    It's simple, we're screwed. They aren't going to change their minds. Full stop. They will not listen to us. Why would they? The whole reason they announced this so close to launch was so they had an excuse not to listen to the community. When was the last time IW listened to any of us? Remember how long it took them to release a patch for CoD2?

    You just wait. People will buy the game regardless, IW will get richer, and PC gaming will die just a little bit more. There's not a damn thing any of us can do about it, face it.

    “It doesn’t mean you’ll just be thrown into a random game!” he says, saying that playlists, the party system and friendslists will make playing with clans or setting up scrimmage sessions “easier and hassle free.”

    It's easy and hassle free with dedicated servers. I play on the same internode server, and usually see the same people cycle through, which is fun. I don't have the hassle of asking in front of everyone else "Hey dude, wanna be my friend so we can play together?". That's just creepy and more than slightly uncomfortable.

    And really, there's no such think as perfect hack protection. There are plenty of aimbots on the Cod4 servers even with PunkBuster, I doubt VAC will be any better.

    That petition sign up again is here:

    Currently at 116880 Total Signatures

    116K is much more substantial.

    I want my dedicated server, as many of you have already said, I don't want to do it the Xbox Live way - that's why I have a PC.

    No matchmaking service I have ever seen has been able to deliver the same quality/performance (and dare I say, sense of community) of a dedicated server.

    It really strikes me that they have intentionally removed a feature they know the PC community wants and appreciates (Seriously, even Treyarch was smart enough to retain the dedicated server model).

    As always, if you don't like it,voice your argument, spread the word & vote with your wallet - it's not like there's a lack of games this time of year.

    This is nothing more then an anti piracy measure. Relic did the same shit with opposing fronts. No more cracked private servers and less people pirating. The fact that it is even closer to the failure that is console matchmaking is another downside.

    I won't be buying it while it's got matchmaking. I've never had any good experiences with matchmaking and I doubt one games attempts at 'selling' it to me aren't going to convince me otherwise.

    “The biggest benefit of using IWnet by far is the fact that you don’t have to worry about joining a server full of aim-bots, wallhacks, or cheaters,” Bowling writes. “Or relying on the server admin of the server to constantly be monitoring, banning, and policing it.”

    HAHA please tell me this is a very SICK joke or its April's Fools.. I have found 10x more hackers using aim-bots and wall hacks and then a minute into the game they NUKE then i ever did on dedicated servers..

    - the game blows (gfx are great, the action is good, single player is short but still enjoyable)

    - but i didn't buy this game for any of the above mentioned, i bought it for multiplayer. its pathetic, there is so many cheats/hacks on the servers. (everyone even knows them by name, and they dont change their name. why should they? there is no ban coming their way)

    - playing from Australia you can only play at certain times of the day; you need people online. Tweaked my cfg. to show 10 bar latency, if i get above 6 bars; thats good. Most of the time its a 3-5 bar game for everyone except the host.

    - Infinity Ward, Activision, Call of Duty .. all on my black list now. Thats how disappointing this game is to me. currently i have myself upto lvl 40 first prestige level, i have no desire to play anymore .. there is just too much that annoys me to enjoy this game.

    - in short; wait until this game is about $10-$20 bucks .. even that is more than its really worth.

    the single player is a good game,but the online player is so frustrating. i never had these problems on cod4 and i didn`t know what an aimbot was untill i played mw2

    1.) It sucks cause i like non hardcore, but i hate killcams. so im out of luck with this new system, and pin private matches you always have t have friends online, and it doesnt help you rank.

    2.) The mods in MW1 were one of my favorite things about the game, the zombie mods and paintball mods were awesome

    3.) the VAC is bs, it doesnt work at all, there are more hackers in this game than MW1

    4.)The skill level factor hardley works either, i get stuck in games where 1 guy has 40 and 1, and prestige 8, and i was rank 5 with a 1/2 kill/death ratio

    5.) IW should know that 90% or more of their customers for the PC (at least) hate the IWN system, and would prefer it, there is a signature list with 200,000 or so sigs on it that say so.

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