Modern Warfare 2 Server Petition *Sigh* At 21,000 Sigs And Counting

Online petitions ain't worth much to me - just once, I'd like to see someone with a clipboard outside a GameStop doing this in person. But on some topics they're meaningful, like the Infinity Ward/dedicated server fiasco that broke yesterday.

Especially when the petition registers 20,000 in just a little more than a day since the news hit. The petition's short and sweet: "Get Infinity Ward to review their decision not to allow fully dedicated servers for their forthcoming game release CoD:MW2. Remember that this Call of Duty was made popular by PC Gamers who have supported the series throughout."

And that's it. No list of high crimes and misdemeanours, just "think about what you're doing here."

The signatures can't be taken to mean anything deeper than "I agree," of course, for whatever reasons. For a deeper insight into why this matters to the PC Call of Duty community I do recommend you visit a site like BASHandSlash, whose webcast yesterday broke the news. It's not just about concepts like lag-free playing and modding; it's really upending how a significant and very vocal user base has enjoyed this series for a long time.

And whether it's a petition or something else that forces a reaction, I can't imagine Infinity Ward won't have more to say about this. Dedicated Servers for CoD:MW2 Petition [, thanks Rob S.]


    I think they're doing it so people don't op to go for the more pirated PC route than the console route, due to infinity wards stupidity in not putting a region filter in their game.

      I think this will INCREASE pc piracy. cod4's cd key needed for online multiplayer kept piracy rates pretty low, good local server pings and custom maps brang pc gamers in hordes. With this pathetic implementation, which reeks of a way to charge money for pc maps (my best guess) it pretty much only leaves the single player campaigne to enjoy. Which, is gonna cause ppl to pirate it.

      What the hell is wrong with software companies attitude towards PC gamers????????? I personally would love aliens to come down and destroy all wii's, xboxes and playstations which are just slowing down progress.... :(

      haha for the PC games like this dont get pirated if you want to play online its worth the dough i dont know anyone with a pirate copy of Cod 4 or 5
      piracy is the excuse they use to justify things and most of the time it doesnt apply to the people that are doing it

      but take borderlands The games 360 version was leaked online 2 days ago with nothing more than a provision dont play online before release i know 10 people who already have started playing it from that and from what they tell me the online in these iso's nearly always works

      the 360 hides under the fact that it sells a decent share of its user base games

      the PC user base however is the world so when the world doesnt buy there game it must have been pirated

      You make a good game and dont overcharge the customer treat them like a thief or take away large parts of what made the game good and youll get the sales

      make the customer feel like you think hes a massive thief and allow 3 activations of the game he can A) Purchase said game and play it hoping his computer doesnt crash since you dont unlock activations or B) w8 a minimum of a DAY for someone to pull out the garbage DRM you spent money on and play it forever or C) which is what i did on mass effect DO both

      Why does everyone assume PC = Piracy???

      Google iXtreme dumbasses..

      PC you need a key to play online forcing you to buy if you want to play mulitplayer.. 360 you need well.. nothing except the skills required to firmware flash a DVD drive..

    Nearly 37,000 signatures now.

    And now I think about it, 37,000 angry people who were planning to buy the game and now probably won't. At roughly $100 per game, that's a lot of money IW.

      Most of the people signing will still buy the game regardless. I know I will (well, when it's a bit cheaper anyway).
      I've never been a fan of COD's multiplayer, but who doesn't want to see what incredible events IW has come up with this time (scripted or not, the first time you see them they are spectacular)?

      Since so many games are now having multiplayer tacked on to make their game appear to be a more solid investment, and increase it's longevity, surely allowing mod support and custom maps has got to be the best way to further increase a games lifespan, not this DLC stuff.

        You really think that many people are gona buy it? I dont think it will be anywhere near the projected sales from Activision or IW. Lets think about this, The main people who are pissed off are 'real' gamers. Not these idiots who think its actually possible to have a decent FPS on a console, but people who actually know what they're talking about. And with that in mind, these people are going to know exactly where to get an illigal copy from too! The only reason to pay the (inflated) price for this game is to play online with ur friends and anyone else for that matter.. now they have taken that possiblity away from us why pay money for it? I can assure you that I will have this game within 24 hours of release, but I will not pay a penny for it! They dont deserve it!

          If you want the game badly enough to pirate it on the week of release there is obviously something there worth paying for!

          Sure, maybe not the full price if you aren't going to make use of their potentially crippled multiplayer system, but then that's why I'm waiting till it's on sale/drops in price, because I do want to play the singleplayer campaign, and I do want to support the devs for that aspect that they have so far excelled at in previous games.

          To make an exaggerated analogy, what you're basically saying is that if you don't like the wheels Lamborghini put on the Gallardo, you're entitled to steal it.

          A 'real gamer' will realise that it benefits no one in the long term when pirating a game. If you don't believe me, just look at the no dedicated servers "solution" that spawned all this...

      I was going to be buying 2 copies of this, one for the PS3 so i can play with some friends, and the PC version so i can play properly online. Think ill just get a dodgey copy of the pc version, play single player and leave it at that.

    You pirate and mod our shit for 30 years, we fight back. Deal with it, losers.

      Modding? really? What on earth is wrong with modding (other than to allow pirating)? Do the mods ruin your artistic vision for the game or something!?

      Also, since I've already answered the troll, by "fighting back" in this fashion, what have they gained?

      People who were planning to pirate it will still pirate it no doubt, and from what I've seen, no one is saying 'yay, now I'm going to buy MW2 because of this', so they are possibly only loosing sales by implementing this.
      there comes a point where loss of sales due to anti piracy methods >> loss of sales due to actual piracy.

      Hmmm, yes, I'm the loser when I don't pay any money to pirate and enjoy a game, instead of deciding to buy it because the multiplayer wasn't crippled.

        @snacuum : Um, yes, you are. Ultimately - because the more you keep doing that the less software your precious developers will be able to create, in the long run. And if you're saying that it's legitimate to pirate a studio's stuff just because they don't pander to whatever the fanboys want, then you're completely missing the point. A company is free to make a decision to do something like this. Just as you're free not to buy their product (I don't think they'll suffer too much for it). To suggest that it entitles you to copy their shit without paying for it is a tae hypocritical.

      30 years?

      Console troll fails.

        Lol you realise many of the game we enjoy today wouldnt exsist without modding TF2 CSS among the popular few Mods extend game life to a point where the community is essentially making there own games tailored aroung the community

        BF2 has some awesome mods your a console troll who is just pissed because your missin out on the fun

    It's over 41,000 sigs now.

    They should give the PC gamers what they want - the server function - and also implement their IWnet system, just so anyone curious can see how it runs.

    This doesn't apply to me - I play on Xbox 360 - but it seems stupid to incur the wrath of 37,000+ buyers.

    Petition is coming up to 45,000 sigs..

    Refresh the page every 5 seconds, and the sig count has atleast gone up by one almost every time..

    It's at 47700+ atm
    I just signed it. When I'm not in an RPG, I play FPS. And I pre-ordered hoping that I could join a dedicated server with old players from the last two COD games. The system sounds like those console auto-find servers or the L4D match system. Which I hate. So, I might retract my pre-order altogether until I hear it reversed. Undecided.

    There's talk of a dedicated server post-release, but all unconfirmed as yet. Something about how much the CoD community is griefed. Hear the Cast:

    Hi All.

    Divide the number of signatures by total units of either CoD MW or Cod WaW sold to date on all platforms, then move along.

    A lot of games are changing over to a match making system. It can mean high pings depending on how they do the matchmaking (if they can match via ping/location), and it may or may not be possible to play with friends.

    The main point of it I guess was to make the game more secure when playing online and to have more balanced games. There are those games where everyone joins up to a server and stacks the winning team, or they stack the other side. The other side gets smashed and leave, people come and leave again.

    Oh yeah and congratulations to Activision for the regional discrimination via pricing, 89.99USD for Australian steam users. For all users who exist in low density population regions where our population simply cannot support the internet infrastructure to make a system like work, kiss good consistent low ping multiplay goodbye. But hey they are making this game for shareholders, not the people that will play it.

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