Molyneux: Fable III Will Use Project Natal

Lionhead Studios' recently announced Fable III, first detailed at Gamescom this summer, will make use of Microsoft's Project Natal controller. That's according to reports from Peter Molyneux's BAFTA Video Games Lecture in London.

Gamesbrief founder Nicholas Lovell has been posting snippets from Molynuex's talk on his Twitter account, as spotted by VG247, writing that the Fable lead confirmed Natal support in the role-playing game. Apparently, Molyneux also joked that Natal would be featured in the form of a "faeces simulator" for the game.

Surprised by Natal support in Fable III? Doubt it, as Molyneux lead the unveiling of Microsoft's motion and voice recognition controller at this year's E3 with the Natal-powered Milo demo. And Pete has "never said it's not going to use Natal", a roundabout way of saying that the Xbox 360 game was going to use it in some capacity.

"Do you really think ... knowing me ... I wouldn't want to use something like Natal?" Molyneux said at the PICNIC Conference in the Netherlands earlier this month. "I mean that's just mad, man."

Just no faeces simulation, please.



    //slaps molypukes for a being such a pretentious tool

    With the whole 'Touch' mechanic that he was touting at the announcement, I just assumed this was a given


    Well despite enjoying the last two Fable games it looks like I will have to give number 3 a miss then.

    Pretty much if I *have* to use Natal to play, I'm not buying Fable 3... I hate it when devs decide to fuck with the formula of their own games... Fable 1 is one of my favorite games of all time, I have no idea how many times I played through that when I was in high school... I played through Fable 2 twice, but never explored everything fully... mainly because I didn't like that it went forward in time, and also co-op multiplayer gave me the shits...

    Molyneux used to be an outspoken visionary, and even if he was jacking off at times (I don't think he deserves half the flack he gets), now it just seems like he's pandering to the masses, like Natal will ever amount to anything more than waggling of limbs. I remember one of his tech demos from years ago, "The Room"... that looked impressive... however it was back before peripherals became more important than software.

    Don't know. I'm sceptical about Molyneux's claims. Especially after I found out that Milo demo is a shameful fake:

      Man, anyone else feel rlaely awkward watching Josh interview Peter? Josh clearly isn't the best live interviewer around, but I'm usually fairly entertained by his alternatively good and so-bad-it's-good jokes Peter just wasn't very receptive to either. Not to mention Peter does that strange thing of verbally humming confirmation at almost every word Josh utters, which kind of made me cringe.

    As long as natal is an option then its cool, if its compulsory then I'm out, I play games as an alternative to personal movement damnit!

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