Name Your Price For World Of Goo

World of Goo turns one-year-old today, and 2D Boy celebrates by letting you buy the PC, Mac and Linux version of the game for whatever you think it's worth — even a penny!

From now until October 19, visitors to the 2D Boy website can click on the buy button and fill in whatever amount they wish to pay for the physics construction game. It normally retails for $US20, so this is an excellent opportunity to show the developer a little extra love for the enjoyment they've brought you. Conversely, you could buy it for as low as a penny, showing the world what an unfeeling cad you really are.

I'm hoping that 2D Boy tracks the prices over the course of the week. Those are the sort of statistics I'd love to spend hours analysing. Perhaps they could send all the penny-purchasers sincere-sounding thank you cards.

Buy World of Goo [2D Boy Games - Thanks Hannibal!]


    have to say this is one great game if you havent already got it.

    So tempting to get it for 1c, but I would feel so bad.

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