Naughty Dog Explain Uncharted 2 Thanks For Bungie, Infinity Ward, Et Al.

In the Uncharted 2 end credits, developer Naughty Dog thanked fellow devs like Insomniac, Ready at Dawn and Sucker Punch — all three of which have close relations with Sony and Sony platforms.

The two names that stuck out in the thanks list were Bungie and Infinity Ward.

Bungie stuck out because corporate structure has made it such that the company has traditionally only developed for the Xbox 360. Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward makes multi-platform games, so it wasn't such a big deal to see them — more like, oh hey, Infinity Ward!

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann explains the end credit list in a live chat with fans: "We try to be quite open with our technology and our process. We exchanged technology and ideas with other developers. We wanted to make sure we thanked everyone that helped us out in some way."

Naughty Dog? More like Really Generous And Good Dog.

Naughty Dog explains why they thanked Bungie and Infinity Ward. [Giant Bomb][Pic]


    That's not being generous. Being generous would be on Bungie or Infinity's behalf.

    It's being thankful or lucky. Or covering your tracks so you don't make enemies in the business.

      I so wish we didn't have the same user name because you are almost routinely a dick and many friends of mine ask me why i'm being such a dick in the kotaku comment threads.

      What the fuck is wrong with Naughty Dog thanking some other developers? Why is it such a fucking conspiracy? Dickhead.

        Yeh I hate this guy as well, Jay. BUT I AM THE ORIGINAL JAY!

    Those in the industry should be thanking each other and working together. So many times I've seen developers staff being treated badly WHILE they re-invent the wheel for the nth time, and while I understand the idea of 'healthy competition,' if working together creates things like Uncharted then please more.

    can we get bungie infinity ward and polyphony digital together to make a bananas in pyjamas game, because I'd really like that ... with an R rating

    Sounds like they're just dropping names, tacky.

      Those being suspicious of Naughty Dog may not have seen the excellent Gnomon video - Making of Uncharted Drake's Fortune. I have seen few other developers so open and helpful when it comes to sharing their excellent methodologies and techniques .

    bunch of pro lads imo

    nathan drake is pregnant but its a secret but oh no ....

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