Need For Speed Nitro Says Anything's Possible In Rio

This Need for Speed: Nitro Trailer is very likely the closest I'll ever get to Rio de Janeiro — and as virtual tourism goes, it doesn't look half-bad.

NFS: Nitro ships November 3, two whole weeks ahead of schedule and with a heck of a lot of fancy cars. If the Wii is where you get your racing game kicks, be sure to check it out.

And can anyone tell me if the giant, crumbling Jesus statue in the trailer for 2012 is the one in Rio de Janeiro? I'm not too familiar with the landmarks, so I guess it could be some other place where Jesus has a statue on top of a hill.


    but where are the druglords shooting down police helicopters with AK-47s?!?

    Yeah, the Jesus statue in the 2012 movie trailler is the one from Rio de Janeiro. The only place that have a giant Jesus (at least that size) is Rio

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