Compliment: Football Player's Performance Is Beyond Video Games

There are many things in this world—movies with lots of explosions, for example—that people will say are "just like a video game". Today we have an example of something so amazing it is beyond video games.

The report of this greater-than-gaming feat appeared in Saturday's Syracuse Post-Standard. The newspaper reported that Ismail Brooks, a tailback in the Section III high school Auburn, has scored 25 touchdowns in his first six games.

The paper noted that such a performance seems to be out of a video game, but quotes Brooks' cousin and teammate, Julaun Richardson as saying: "Sometimes, you never see people score seven touchdowns with one player in the easiest level of video games... It's ridiculous what Ismail is doing. I knew he was that good, but I never knew he was this good."

Congratulations to the football player for his great stats. And congratulations to the Post-Standard for introducing a novel concept: The action in real life that is so amazing that it couldn't have even happened in a video game.

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