New Dreamcast Game Gets A Deluxe Version

Just when we were sure Dreamcast games managed to dodge the trend of more expensive premium versions, redspotgames announces the Deluxe edition of it upcoming Dreamcast title, Rush Rush Rally Racing.

Announced on the Dreamcast's 10th anniversary, Rush Rush Rally Racing is a top-down racer that, in all fairness, looks rather primitive. Primitive as it is, it is still a new game you can purchase that will play in your Dreamcast, and now you can spend a little more to get a little more. You'll have to wait a little longer for the Deluxe edition, due out in November while the regular version drops this month, but you get a soundtrack CD, full colour manual, deleted scenes and stickers for your trouble. Stickers!

Folks who have already ordered the game from are able to change their order to the Deluxe edition via internet magic. The premium package will run you 27,95 EUR / US$ 42.00 / 27,00 GBP (around AU$45).


    I love the dreamcast but if Im going to play a DC game its not a dicky top down rally game, its an adventure game or sonic or daytona.

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