New Gran Turismo 5 Screens

Sony today released a bunch of new Gran Turismo 5 screens. They're all from replay mode of course, so don't expect things to look like this in-game, but still...they are lovely, aren't they?


    I don't think there is any shame in admitting that these shots gave me an erection.

      Especially that Lamboghini shot...

      Waiting for this game just got a little 'harder'.

      its a tent city around here ;)

      and Luke, it's 'photo' mode you're thinking of, anyone who'd played GT4/TT/gt5p would know that...
      replays ARE done real-time and pretty much look exactly the same as in-game shots...


    I notice that you can only see the drivers hands in that cockpit shot. I wonder if people will be as vocal about whining about that as they are on the Forza official forum (because apparently being able to see some of the forearm in NFS Shift makes it an infinitely superior game)

      i think you need to have a look at the last shot Mr PS3 hater, i mean Mr Waffle

        I really hope you're just trolling, because you clearly didn't understand my comment at all.

      Having played NFS Shift, the Forza Demo and GT5 Prologue.. I can safely say that Forza is in 3rd place for graphics.. so who really cares what the faries on the Forza forums think..

    What the hell is a Gran Tourismo?

    LOL Kidding... I love to tease the hard core fans...

    Can't wait!

    this game has become boring to me in the years its been hyped.ill be buying forza 3 in afew weeks so enjoy the wait for this muwahahahaha

    They are not replay shots, they are bullshots.

    Eurogamer has the full res shots (they are 3xxx x 2xxx so they there much are bullshots).

    I don't know guys..
    I think the competition has caught up to GT5,
    just look at NFS Shift on the PC.

    Shift is impressive and comes close but I think GT5 is still no.1 in graphics department.

    What do you guys think?

    Oh hurrah, it looks like they've managed to get rid of the jaggies, or at least tone them down alot. I enjoyed playing GT5 Prologue, but in the menu screens, when they were doing those slomo pans of cars standing in the streets ... crawling ants galore. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to it, but it annoyed the hell out of me.

    I don't play driving games, I won't be buying/playing this or Forza 3, I own a 360 and a PS3... Forza 3 looks waaaaaaaaay better than GT5 (going by screenies and footage) anyone who won't happily admit that Forza has *at least* the graphical edge is either a) a disillusioned Sony fanboy or, b) has been looking forward to this game far too long.

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