New Prince Of Persia Trademark Pops Up

On September 29, a trademark for "Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands" was filed by Jordan Mechner. Who's Jordan Mechner?

He's the creator of Prince of Persia, that's who.

We're not sure if this latest trademark is a game or some sort of tie-in for the upcoming movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Besides making games, Mechner busies himself by writing graphic novels, directing documentaries and penning screenplays.

Latest Status Info [ via superannuation via Game centre Online]


    The trademark application only claims the mark for use in games/software, so it is definitely a game.

      In other words, Jordan Mechner might be working on a Prince of Persia game?


      It was his writing that made PoP: Sands of Time such an immaculate gem compared to its subsequent sequels and the 2008 reboot. And while collectively, I did enjoy their gameplay, their story, dialogue and general creative atmosphere were all somewhat lacking and I believe these are the exact things that Mechner's involvement would drasticaly improve.

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