New Super Mario Bros. Wii Is Out Nov. 12

Wii_New_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii_pkg3DNintendo has revealed the Australian release date for New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And that date is November 12.

There's the Aussie packshot too.


    oooooh red wii box
    my gf might get the poopoos because it wont go with her white tv stand decor bwahahah love ya

    Red goes faster, off the shelves that is.

    Only NOW did they confirm the release date? Makes sense I guess, considering there has been zero marketing for this game in Australia. Seriously, Monster Hunter PSP got more advertising.

    Is that really the official packaging? The red is hideous.

      Agreed. Whole design is pretty awful.

    Great we get it nearly 4 days before USA

      Bizzare times... :P

    My eyes! They bleed!

    Oh wait.. that's just the colour of the package.

    i know that they are 2 entirely different games but, mw2 comes out 2 days earlier... i have a feeling i'll be playing that first :D i have been awaiting this game but i reckon it'll be some time next year (possibly the year after) when i finally get around to playing it. lol

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