Newspaper Predicts Bad Things From Modern Warfare 2 Goggle Users

Sourcing Internet forums, the UK's Daily Star informed the world Sunday that the game you may be buying next month has been dubbed "Modern Warfare 2: Peeping Tom Edition".

The Star reports that "joy-pad" junkies will use the goggles bundled with the Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition for gay cruising, peeping and other activities that would qualify as "a pervy night out."

We are also informed that "gaming nuts" have already reserved all of the prestige editions from UK chain HMV, I sign, I guess, that a lot of perversion will soon occur.

It's hard to tell how much the Star is concerned about this pending rash of randy behaviour. Draw your own conclusions. Goggles On For A Pervy Night Out... [UK Daily Star via Modern Warfare 2 official Twitter guy Robert Bowling]


    The goggle versions have sold out in most australian chains as well.

    David Wildgoose will no longer be able to hide from me now!

    I kid! I kid!

    I think they sold out in all aussie outlets i think

    I can't wait to get these but I hope we don't have another repeat of the Batman AA limited edition!

    What the hell is gay cruising?, it sound pretty gay.

    Except you'd be only able to see 2m in front of you thanks to the crappy quality.

    Geez... now everyone's going to be stalking for Night vissy Goggles from the Disposals or some other store and actually do that sort of thing...
    Great... unless this idea actually first thought up by the paper themselves...

    They are on the leading edge of selling themselves cheaper than a hooker

    I say you go all Buffalo Bill with them.

    Yep - peeping...

    How many times have I hid in the bushes looking into the lit bedroom of the girl next door in the hope of seeing her naughty bits as she undresses for her shower and thinking to myself.... "she would look so much better if she was green"....

      "she would looks so much better if she was green" I think there ought to be a copyright pantent on that sayiung man cause it is truley classic

    Come the fuck on... honestly what is with retards who say stuff like this? How old and detached can someone be? They're the REAL perverts. Doesn't matter what it is, but SOMEONE somewhere, will take anything innocent and fun, and rationalise a vague way in which it could be misused... and spoil it for the people who just thought it might be a bit of a laff to go on night walks and stuff. It's not like you can buy an equivalent pair of night vision goggles at Toyworld... no that'd be absurd...

      even better would be something that can detect heat... that way you can tell if someone is doing something funny...

      I didn't come up with that... TV did :P

    This really is ridiculous. Firstly the goggles aren't that powerful. Secondly how can you use them as a peeping tom, most people would either have their curtains closed, or the lights on, ergo night vision goggles aren't going to help.

    I really thought we were getting past all this vilification of gamers. When will people grow up.

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