Next Bourne Game Titled 'Ascendancy'?

Electronic Arts will be handling the next video game iteration of the Jason Bourne series, since the last one failed to deliver anything compelling, and a developer's online resume briefly revealed its title to be "The Bourne Ascendancy".

Superannuation—yep, that guy misses nothing—spotted the LinkedIn profile of the audio director for Starbreeze and noted that it read "I have been working at Starbreeze on the following projects ... The Bourne Ascendancy for EA." Checking Carl Vikman's profile now, however, it says only "New Bourne-game for EA." But that certainly sounds more thrilling than a (wait for it) "newborn" game for EA. Man, I'm clever.

I Have Been Working at Starbreeze on the Following Projects [Superannuation via Blue's News]


    i didnt mind the shooting and the early fighting stages but after a while the fights got rediculously long and boring.

    How about using a half decent spy franchise to create a half decent spy game ? The hell with fights and shooting, we have so many stupid violent and shooty games. How about strategy, clever story and lo.................... STEALTH? mmm stealth.

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