NieR Developer Calls The Wii's Graphics "Harsh", Wants HD Wii

Taro Yoko from Tokyo-based developer Cavia is hard at work on upcoming Square Enix published title NieR Gestalt and NieR Replicant.

While at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Yoko blogs, he caught some of the trailers at the Square Enix booth, including Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers for the Wii. "Honestly," he writes, "Crystal Bearer's graphics were harsh."

That's not to say he thinks the graphics themselves weren't done well — he thinks they were. Rather, it's the Wii's standard def graphics that are to blame. "There's nothing you can do about it," he writes, "because that's the limit of the hardware."

Yoko goes on to point out how the standard definition images take a hit when hooked up to high definition televisions — something that is getting more and more prevelant as more and more switch over to HD televisions.

According to Yoko, the graphics for Monster Hunter 3 looked harsh or rough as well for the very same reasons. Yoko wants Nintendo to use all the money it's earned to churn out an HD Wii. But doesn't everyone at this point? Get in line, buddy!

ベアラー/SD/永嶋さん/FFコスプレ [ヨコオタロウの日記 via はちま起稿]


    Wow, really pointing out the obvious, but I mean all the other GOOD developers deal with it, so they should just sit down and eat some pie.

    Since when did games need to be high def to look good? Games such as Super Mario Galaxy, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, Mad World and Shadow of the Colossus were NOT in high definition yet are still some of the most stylish games I've seen yet.

    Isn't this simple an over reliance on technology to make up for the lack of good design in video games?

    Cameron, if you think games like SMG and Smash Bros Brawl look good now, you should try using the Dolphin wii emulator, which outputs them in HD. The difference is astonishing.

      I should but I'm too lazy haha.

    Well not everyone has HD - leave me be with my cheap HD console on my cheap HD TV - I can't have HD fun :(

    If you compare this game vs Monster Hunter 3, Resident evil DSC, Silent Hill, Dead Space Extraction and Cursed Mountain, it´s graphics are nothing. someone should tell this guy that if Wii is capable of HDR+AA in games like Monster Hunter, then the ATI Hollywood is clearly as powerful as an ATI R520 or even more, the problem is not the gpu, but the cpu, but if the developers were up to date, they would solve that making use of gpgpu with engines like Floodgate from Gamebryo LighSpeed, CUDA or opencl.

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