Nintendo Announces Big Screen DSi

The rumours are true. Today, at Nintendo's press event in Tokyo, the company announced a revised version of the Nintendo DS.

Dubbed the Nintendo DSi LL, the new portable will feature a 4.2 inch screen. Priced at ¥20,000 the DSi LL will be released on November 21.


    Shiny :D

    Does it come with a satchel to carry it around?

    Release the ds 2 or go away nintendo.

    Well I'm glad I didnt go out and buy a DSi a couple of months ago. Though i am sure Nintendo will just screw me over in a few more months when they release another portable to make this one obsolete.

    Tough times call for pathetic measures i suppose!

    No DS2 - it will be a whole new portable device altogether. Colour>Advance>DS>?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't get released outsite of Japan - it will probably be a hit for the first month over there (cause they're so dumb they buy anything) - but most people have half a brain and know not to fool for this crap.

    Eff knows what the price translates into US or AU currency - but judging by Nintendo's previous performance, this DSi LL (what does that even mean) will be pricier than the DSi.


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