Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Game For Wii

Announced to Japanese retailers last week, today Nintendo has made it official: This holiday season will see a new Pokemon game.

Called Poke Park Wii Pikachu no Daibouken (Pikachu's Big Adventure), the 3D game stars popular Pocket Monster Pikachu. Poke Park Wii was developed by Nintendo subsidiary Creatures and will be released on December 5 in Japan for ¥4,800 — around $58.


    Goddamnit nintendo. its not hard. remake pokemon red in 3d. kthxbai

      I agree wtf is this shit!

    Ahhh ok this is starting to get stupid on the gamecube we had pokemon C and XD wich i think were pretty good games in regard to pokemon that is. even tho through out the whole life span of gamecube and 64 the pokemon game side of things were limited and now we have the NINTENDO WII and so far we only had a taste of pokemon battle revolution and thats it please dont include the wii ware pokemon games i find these sort of pokemon games pointless
    on the other hand we have pokemon heart gold and soul silver to look forward for so thats a plus or is it considering its a remake
    i understand that nintendo back in the day was focusing on the younger gender gamers but they all so said that nintendo is for anyone of all ages if this is true why ar'nt the older fans of pokemon not getting a suitable pokemon game ? indeed i have grown up with nintendo over the years heck we ownened the nes when it was first out but it seems nintendo wants to stick to more of the fun kuddy zone and not considering the fact that kids grow up in to adults so what can we do to keep our older gamer around ?

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