Nintendo DS Sales Reach 113 Million, Wii Sales 56 Million

The title says it all. Nintendo announced new life-to-date numbers for both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii.

In the last six month period ending in September, Nintendo sold 11.70 million DS units and reached life-to-date sales of 113.48 million units — both numbers are worldwide. Worldwide DS software sales for the period were 71.15 million.

Regarding the Wii, Nintendo sold 5.75 million units worldwide during the last period, marking life-to-date worldwide sales of 56.14 million units. Software sales during the period were 76.21 million.



    Thats quite abit. Though its not so pretty for the Wii, as it actually feels like its beginning to slag.

    Is that picture a leak of Good Game series 6?

      Ha! Yes, and I heard they will be exclusively reviewing casual games from series 6 onwards.

    Wow, the Wii sold more software than the DS? Quite strange considering Wii games are more expensive. And that is a staggering attach rate. I was expecting 5 games per hardware unit.

      Dont forget DS piracy is damn easy - who buys software when you can download it and play it on a $10 R4 card

    how can i get in on that gaming session in the pic?
    time for some "ad hoc multiplayer" if you catch the cut of my jib

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