Nintendo DSi Leads Japan's Hardware Pack; PSP, PS3, Wii Tie

Technically, the PSP beat the PlayStation 3 which in turn beat the Wii (by a slimmer margin) in Japan this week, but sales of the three platforms were close enough, averaging around 30,000 units each.

But, as is the norm, the Nintendo DSi was the hardware champ in terms of Japanese hardware sales according to Media Create, moving nearly 50,000 units in a week. Likely on the continued strength of Pokemon and Tomodachi Collection.

The good news, for Sony at least, is that the price cut on the PS3 seems to be helping, putting it ahead of the Wii in Japan once again, perhaps with a little bit of help from treasure hunter Nathan Drake. We'll see if Drake's sales fortune helps the PS3 stay on top next week...

  • Nintendo DSi - 49,145
  • PSP - 33,508
  • PlayStation 3 - 30,231
  • Wii - 29,965
  • Xbox 360 - 3662
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 2590
  • PlayStation 2 - 2109


    OMG the 360 outsold the DS!!!!!

    The DS Lite that is!

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