Nintendo President: Stalling Wii Sales Made Nintendo Mood "Cold"

At yesterday's Nintendo Tokyo conference, company president Satoru Iwata was frank, saying this about sluggish Wii sales: "The Wii stalled."

Wii sales dropped by 10 million units during the six month period ending September 2009, and Nintendo has recorded its first decline in profit in six years. Iwata summed up the feeling at Nintendo. "Not being able to continuously release strong software has made a good mood grow cold."

With upcoming titles like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo is feeling more confident about this holiday season.

任天堂:4年ぶり減収減益…「Wii」急減響く 9月連結 - 毎日jp(毎日新聞) [Mainichi]


    "Titles" Other than NSMBWii, what else is there that's due for release any time soon? I can't think of anything.

    Stop making games aimed at 6 yr olds.
    People over 16 are the ones buying you shit so release games for that age group up.
    The only remotely decent adult game on the Wii is Overkill and FFS stop releasing the good shit to Japan only.

    You send the shit games out to Australia making Aussie's waste there money on the shit Japan rejects.

    The awesome games seem to only reach Japan and USA.

    Release the good games in Australia arseholes.


    Why dont you release
    Starfox 64 Sequel
    Pokemon Blue/Red remake 3d style

    Instant win.


    But why not make original games. It seems Nintendo can only fall back on remakes/ports/sequels to already dried out franchises.

    Pokemon is a great franchise (i'm over it now though and i dont own a DS to experience it anyway) and i would REALLY love to play a Red/Blue remake. But why can't Nintendo make up some new ideas.

    Its kinda lame and repetitive. Then again, that is Nintendos unofficial motto.

      Oh, right. Because no other console producer has their own franchise to fall back on.

      Sony: MGS (excluding the last), Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Final Fantasy

      Xbox: Halo

      Sega: Sonic

      There are more that I can't think of right now, but you get the point. While Nintendo may have more franchises which they will continuously fall back on, they're in general remakes that are of excellent quality.

      Not to mention that there have been new series in recent years, such as Pikmin on Gamecube, and love or hate it, the 'Wii' series arguably counts too.

      Everyone is 'lame and repetitive' to an extent. For companies, new ideas are simply a liability that can cost them money. On the other hand, by sticking to what is old and popular (Pokemon) they can make a safe, conservative and significantly huge profit without any of that risk. It's just that Nintendo has been out longer that it shows.

    It has to be said that I have never and probably will never own a Nintendo unless they seriously re-jig their company's business plan.

    Sony won me with the Playstation over the N64, and again with the PS2. When the new so-called "console war" started, I threw in with the 360 and only just recently picked up a PS3.

    In all cases - it's been because of the available titles. I have no allegiance to one company or another, but I consider myself a fan of fairly "serious" genres and titles, and Nintendo have yet to deliver those in any quantity or quality that would rationalize buying an entire console for it.

    It took Microsoft nearly two years to come up with the 'checklist' of games that convinced me to buy a 360, and Sony even longer. The Wii hasn't even hit one of them.

    I'm no nintendo fan but since nintendo abandoned its fans, i hope they suffer. There is only so far shovelware is going to get you, its like selling literal crap to people.

    However, the fact that people have been buying said crap for 6 years now says something about the general populations inteligence levels.

    What's that Nintendo? It's time for a price cut you say? It's time for a MASSIVE price cut? Well if you say so.

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