Nintendo Profits Plunge

For the first time in six years, Nintendo is recording its first decline in profit.

In the six months ending September 2009, Nintendo reports that sales and income were "adversely affected by the appreciation of the yen and the price cut on 'Wii' hardware." During that same period, net sales were down 34.5 percent compared with the same period last year. Net income was down 53.4 percent from the same period last year as well — from 144.828 billion yen to 69.492 billion yen in the period ending September 2009.

Nintendo also states that "With respect to 'Wii', software titles which briskly drive hardware sales were not consistently launched in the first half of the year." Selling 5.75 million machines, Nintendo's Wii sales were down 10.1 million units compared to the same period in 2008.

The company did point out that this holiday season has a strong software line-up for the home console.


    MAybe that shold stop pushing so much crapware through their console and generate some good quality titles beyond what is already freel given away witht the console.

      prob is the 3rd party quality titles never get much attention. NMH, Madworld, and Zack and wiki for example

    Not to offend anybody, but i hope the phase of the wii and its generalised shovel ware market is dead and never comes back. But i suppose that would be too good of a dream.

    On a more realistic note, i do applaud the wii as it got my sister into gaming, well sort of.

    Problem is, without the quality they have (unfort) done really well. Cause everyone who dont played game since the PS1 or Sega days are now buying the Wii.

    So of corse they're gonna spit out Wii Fit & Sport games to attract more gamers.

      exactly why make quality when crap sells just as good

        lol so true just look at the halo franchise :P

    WTH i dont get it, i thought nintendo is making money not losing money

      They still are making money, just less than they were.

        The boomtown that was Wiimote has lost its charm. Everyone is chanting 'bring on the Natal!'

        I don't have a Wii and I'm so sick of it already. I get that they wanna attract non-gaming audience but the sheer number of ads on TV just piss me off. Not to mention that Delta Goodrem is in every bloody ad these days.

    When everyone has a Wii they ain't going to sell any more of them. They should have adopted the M$ school of business. make everyone buy 2-3 of them to increase your sales.

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