No NPDSs Today

The monthly surge of industry excitement about industry sales figures has been postponed until Monday, the NPD group announced today.

The sales-tracking firm was scheduled to release today its listings of US video game hardware and software sales for September. The report would have provided a glimpse of how the likes of Halo 3: ODST and The Beatles: Rock Band have been faring, along with the price-cut PlayStation 3.

But the report won't be released until Monday, October 19. In a statement sent to the press, NPD spokesman David Riley blamed "last minute processing requirements".

We'll have our usual NPD coverage on Monday.

First our fall games are delayed. Now the sales reports too. What's next?


    Come on Brutal Legend! Number 1 spot!

      It's September sales, so expect ODST to be #1. Although I imagine The Beatles and Guitar Hero 5 probably sold more across all their formats.

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