Not Even A Dollar's Difference?

As seen at a Wal-Mart in Puerto Rico [Thanks reader Marco L.!]


    Seriously, what the hell? why is a ps3 therefore AU$500 here (Australia) while the psp go is AU$400? but they are exactly the same in the US?

      We don't have a free trade agreement with Japan (Sony), so any imports have huge tariffs. On top of that there is also GST.

        thats not what he meant he was saying why are they the same price in america not australia nothing to do with it being 500 here and 400 there

        That doesn't ring true. Free trade agreements could explain difference in pricing of the same product in different regions, but not the different price differentials between PS3 and PSPgo in the two regions.

        Also, all the devices are most likely built in China then exported directly to the US and Australia. An FTA with Japan wouldn't be relevant.

    That is pathetic, i know sony are trying to make money, but still, do they realise they are screwing their chances for success.

    that is terrible!

    Well i can understand a price difference in Aus because the ps3 costs more to ship over here than the pspgo, but um $100??? that doesn't sound right

    Despite what the topic say, it IS a dollar's difference... at least in their currency.

    That is good for sony, makes the ps3 look like itis more value for money.

      Maybe that was their plan all along.

    Well if you want to be pedantic about it, the PSPGo's RRP is $AU 450 (not 400), and the PS3 unit in the picture is a fat, not the recently released $US 250 slim, perhaps it was merely a store retaining old prices for the older models and being lazy with updates. This being Puerto Rico, I'll think that's the most likely explanation.

    Its an old ps3, maybe they are trying to clear old stock. PS3 Slim is probably somewhere along the cabinet for a bit more.

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