Not Exactly Three Of A Kind

Mailing from Ubisoft today. You figure it out, because we can't.


    Ah hmm yes.. um.. O wait ! .. No. Sorry

    If only the Yanks were lucky enough to have Ian Turps Turpie or Larry Cheshire Cat Emdur...

    Free games to give away as prizes?

    Maybe they just added Prince of Persia because no one is buying it, so they are trying to give them away for a tax writeoff.

    Why would they send PoP? It's last years game?

    Also check out the videos of those 2 Wii games on GiantBomb, crazy.

    Check in the bottom of the envelope, there should be directions to a New Mexico landfill.

      Ha I was just about to post that they are all garbage. POP is the fastest I've ever returned a game: about an hour.

    Maybe they weren't disappointed enough with your initial thoughts on these.

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